Indigenous aromatic oils

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Cymbopogon validus
Blue grass
The oil of Blue grass is steam distilled and has the following properties: It is an astringent and can be used as a skin toner. It is also Anti fungal and antiseptic. It is suggested that this oil should be added to a footbath and can help to prevent athletes foot.
Helichrysum splendidum
This oil promotes the healing and regeneration of skin. Use in preparations for aging skin. This oil can be used in the treatment of sinusitis, bronchitis, whooping cough, rheumatism, migraine, burn pain, and insect bites.

Its action is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, it increases bile secretion and help with the detoxification function of the liver. It can be used as a suntan lotion and as an expectorant as well as a mouthwash relieving ulcers.
Agathosma betulina
Buchu oil has the following properties: it is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative, disinfectant, a diuretic, an insecticide, a stimulant and a tonic. It can be used for arthritis, cellulite, cystitis, diarrhea, flatulence, kidney infections, nausea, rheumatism, urinary tract infections and wounds.
Buchu can be used in a burner, in a bath or as a massage oil as well as a compress
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Pelargonium capitatum x radens
Geranium olie
Geranium oil has the following properties: it is analgesic, and an antidepressant. It is antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, haemostatic, hormonal balancer, insect repellent, sedative and a stimulant. It can be used in breast engorgement, depression, dermatitis, diabetes, diarrhea, facial neuralgia, gall stones, glossitis, haemorrhage, jundicae, nervous tension, ringworm, skin care, sore throat, ucers internal & external wounds.
Use in inhalations, vaporizers, baths, application and massage
Artemisia afra oil
Wilde Els
Lippia javanica oil
Eriocephalus africanus oil
Cape Snow bush
Eriocephalus punctulatus oil
Cape Chamomile
Coleonema album oil
Cape May
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